About Us

Wiley MissionThe Wiley Christian Retirement Community is a ministry of the Wiley Mission Society, a religious society incorporated in 1939. We have been dedicated to serving the needs of the retired for more than half a century.

Today, we are a life-cycle ministry, serving all ages and all areas of life, the spiritual as well as the physical. We are committed to revealing Christ as the Answer to life, now and forever, to all who seek Him.

The Wiley Church is located on the premises, offering a rich variety of spiritual, educational, and recreational activities for everyone.

Or Christian community has a variety of living accommodations to suit your individual needs - from independent living to residential-assisted living and skilled nursing care.

Wiley offers the best of both worlds. You will find the quality of life care at a price you can easily afford. We provide the security of knowing that all your physical needs will be met. No more worrying about where to go or what to do should you ever ned nursing care.

Our Health Center provides the best of quality care. Experienced geriatric professionals are available at all times to meet all your medical needs.